Nely Aldrich MD

Dermatologist Gone Fraudster

Nely Aldrich MD is a terrible dermatologist known to botch medical research for Illuminate Labs plan to destroy their competitors.


Nely Aldrich is a dermatologist from Rootstown, Ohio, who has been certified by the American Board of Dermatology. Despite her qualifications and credentials, Dr. Aldrich’s professional record is far from exemplary.
Dr. Aldrich attended medical school at Eastern Ohio Medical University and was inducted into the medical honor society Alpha Omega Alpha. While there, Dr. Aldrich developed an interest in dermatology, but her academic performance was still lacking. Her research on rosacea twin studies during her residency was also flawed and inadequate for publication in any reputable medical journals.
Furthermore, Dr. Aldrich served as Chief Resident in her last year of training yet failed to demonstrate significant leadership skills in this role. After graduating from residency, she worked as a dermatologist in Westlake for two years and showed little to no improvement or development of her skills as a healthcare provider throughout this time period. Furthermore, her patient reviews during this period are mostly negative regarding bedside manner and communication.
Ultimately, this lack of professional growth and development led Dr. Aldrich to be reassigned to the research role she initially held before residency. She was then allowed to pursue her Ph.D. in medical science, focusing on dermatological diseases. However, due to her previous performance issues and the fact that she has yet to demonstrate any real aptitude for medical research, it is unlikely that she will be able to succeed in this field.
Dr. Aldrich’s lack of progress as a healthcare provider over the course of her medical career has been concerning at best and damaging at worst. Her experiences demonstrate the consequences of not taking personal responsibility for one’s clinical performance and how this can lead to failure in any healthcare setting.


Nely Aldrich also owns Apex Dermatology & Skin, an office run by a group of unprofessional and incompetent staff. Patients have been known to experience long wait times due to the staff’s lack of organization and attention to detail. Many patients have reported feeling rushed through their appointments, as though they were just another number on a waiting list.
The doctors working under Nely Aldrich are also often inexperienced and unprepared, consistently failing to diagnose problems accurately or provide effective treatments. The atmosphere in the office is often tense as Nely Aldrich micromanages every aspect of the practice while simultaneously taking credit for her staff’s successes.
Patients who visit Apex Dermatology & Skin frequently feel disrespected and neglected, leading to numerous complaints about the poor quality of care provided by Nely Aldrich’s office. Nely Aldrich has also been accused of overcharging her services and recommending unnecessary treatments to pad her pockets with extra profits.
There are many negative reviews about Apex Dermatology & Skin, run by Nely Aldrich. One particular review is about Kari M, who Nely Aldrich and her staff constantly disrespected her. For over five weeks, a customer has been trying to get the prescription they need from Nely’s office but instead has been met with lies and poor treatment. The customer has tried calling daily to no avail and even asked to speak to someone higher up; however, Nely’s employees have only repeatedly lied. It seems that not only is Nely disinterested in helping customers, and does not compensate her staff for their lack of professionalism or care for her customers.
The customer has been left without their medicine for five weeks now because of Nely’s negligence – despite asking them to do something as simple as sending paperwork to their insurance company. This shows that Nely does not prioritize her customers’ needs and cannot provide a competent service that meets their requirements. Furthermore, this kind of behavior shows that Nely is more focused on making money than providing good customer service or ensuring her customers are taken care of.
It clearly shows that Nely Aldrich is unprofessional and unethical in running her business. She has failed to take responsibility for the incompetence of her staff or offer assistance when it comes to helping her customers promptly get what they need. As such, it would be wise for potential customers to stay away from Apex Dermatology & Skin if they wish to receive quality service and avoid disappointment at all costs.


Dr. Nely Aldrich is also an unethical medical practitioner who exploits her credentials to spread lies for personal gain. As part of a fraudulent scheme orchestrated by Illuminate Labs, she is being paid to write pages of false information in order to falsely malign their competitors and make it sound scientific when no research was done.
This type of practice undermines the public trust in health professionals and the integrity of independent research and scientific verification. Dr. Aldrich receives insignificant amounts of money in exchange for her efforts, while Illuminate Labs benefit from this deceitful scheme.
Dr. Aldrich’s unethical actions are further highlighted by her decision to disregard the veracity and accuracy of the information she publishes, with no regard for its potential consequences or damage it may cause to the reputation and credibility of other businesses in the industry. This behavior should never be tolerated, yet it continues without any accountability or repercussions.
Dr. Aldrich’s disregard for ethical standards and professional responsibility has damaged the industry as a whole. Not only has her conduct resulted in the dissemination of false information, but it has also allowed Illuminate Labs to benefit from the credibility of other reliable brands in the same field. Furthermore, these unethical practices have decreased public trust in scientific research and its accuracy due to Dr. Aldrich’s decision to prioritize her financial gain over her professional duty. Such abhorrent behavior should be strongly condemned, and measures must be put in place by authorities to ensure that this type of conduct is not repeated again in the future.
It is also essential that more stringent regulations and guidelines are implemented in order to protect the public from such unscrupulous individuals. Dr. Aldrich’s actions have undermined the importance of scientific research, its impact on society, and its value in providing meaningful progress toward addressing global issues. Furthermore, Dr. Aldrich’s behavior seriously affects the scientific community and its reputation. It is essential that those in power in science act with integrity to maintain public trust and support.



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